How Do You Clean The Outside Of Your House Before Painting?

With Australia’s summer season approaching very soon, it is a great time to repaint the outdoors of your home. A fresh paint job has the ability to transform the look of your house, while protecting your investment, and shielding it from the rays of the sun, harsh rain and wind. A properly painted house with high-quality paint should last for at least 10 to 15 years, provided it is applied with care, and every surface is properly cleaned before painting.

Here is how you need to prepare your home’s exterior for the best finish, as suggested by the residential painters Sydney

Scrub Down

The first step is to thoroughly scrub the exterior surface, to remove the dirt and any paint residues that will resist the fresh coat from sticking on to the surface. Most house painters Sydney use pressure washers and pump sprayer to clean the exteriors effectively. This will also help remove any mould that grows on the paint. Here are a few things that you must do before the scrubbing process

  • If you have any plants in the cleaning area, protect them by covering up with plastic drop cloths.
  • Position drop cloths towards the base of the walls to collect the falling debris.
  • Wet the walls with warm soapy water, and then wash it. This will help remove the dirt easily.
  • Work in sections – this will help prevent  streaks

The Scraping Phase

The second step is to remove the blistered or peeled paint. If you are dealing with a very old house, then extra care has to be taken while removing the old paint, as there are chances of lead being present in them. But, whether or not your paint has lead content, you need to be careful and take special precautions during the scraping phase.

The Sanding & Filling process

You must not ignore this process, particularly when your exteriors are in bad condition. Give the surface a mild sanding, as it will help the paintbrush to easily glide on the wall and abrade the surface for strong adhesion of the paint. Moreover, if the surface has any holes or cracks, fill it up to get an even and smooth finish.

Use Primers

Any painter in Sydney would recommend primers for almost every painting job. This is because if you forget to prime the surface, you might not get adequate adhesion, and end up getting a patchy and unappealing finish. Especially, when you are opting for a new colour, you will see the shade of the old colour through the new colour. To tackle these kinds of issues, you must add at least 1 coat of primer.  There are different types of primers that are suitable for concrete, timber, metal etc., so choose the right primer, which is specially created for the kind of surface that you are about to work with. Hopefully, this article has made it easier for you to understand, how you should clean the exteriors of your house before painting. Always deploy the best painter in Sydney, who will make your life easier and save on your wallet!