Kantharyar Center – A Mix of Commercial, Official, Leisure & Recreational Opportunities

Are you looking for an office space? Then, it would be tough for you to know what exactly you are looking for. If you are new to the commercial real estate in Yangon, it can even be difficult to compare and understand different types of office space and styles. When you are searching for office space, you should consider a few factors including,

  • The money to be spent on real estate
  • Location
  • The age of the building
  • The kind of amenities the building offers
  • The class of the building

For businesses that are looking for office spaces with top-of-the-line amenities, conference rooms, high-end finish outs and more, then Kantharyar Center is the right solution for you.

Kantharyar Center is the first international 5A class office building property in Yangon and consists of four towers, Office, Retail, Residential and Serviced Apartments. It is located near the Karaweik entrance of the Kandawgyi Park and includes a 5A-Grade International Standard Office Tower and a shopping center. This center was developed by a consortium comprising of Shining Star International Holding Co, Asia Myanmar Shining Star Investment Co, Asia Myanmar Consortium Development, and Co.

Since there is heavy traffic in the Yangon area, Kantharyar Center includes over 600 parking lots to deal with traffic congestion. This 22 storey office center consists of 168 international office units, and it is estimated that this office center will see decent take-up rates as businesses are moving out of their old office space in search of better facilities and qualities.

Some of the amenities included in the Kantharyar Center are building office automation, communication, fire automation, standby power generator, a surveillance camera in each elevator controlled real-time, telecommunication accesses, and more.

Kantharyar Center is located overlooking the beautiful Kandawgyi lake and renders beautiful scenic views of the Yangon area. Local amenities based in the immediate surrounding area of Kantharyar Center, the best commercial real estate in Yangon are

  • International organizations
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Wholesale markets
  • Gas stations
  • Banks and restaurants
  • Hockey club
  • Tennis club
  • Hotels and
  • Residences


Safety standard facilities in this top-rated commercial real estate in Yangon are,

  • Secure key card entry to the office building
  • Secure underground parking
  • Automated fire system and
  • The highest building safety standards

This multifunctional and modern office space is already attracting top-ranking companies with its full-functional and well-staffed workspace. Moreover, it is the first commercial property in Yangon to feature a rooftop swimming pool together with a wedding lawn venue.

Kantharyar shopping center also contains,

  • Themed restaurants
  • Coffee hub
  • SPA
  • Clothing and apparel,
  • Fitness club
  • Beauty and health care
  • A dental clinic and much more


More than an office space, Kantharyar center is also a combination of leisure and recreational opportunities.