Making Your Flowers Last Longer is Easy. Here Are 5 Easy Tips for Flower Care

There is nothing more annoying than buying a bouquet, only to have it spoiled as soon as you get home. What most people do not know is that fresh cut flowers can last longer if kept under the right conditions. Here are 5 essential tips from Charlottesville VA florists to take care of your flowers and make them last longer:

1. Change the Water Every 5-7 Days

Flowers consume a lot of water. Large flower arrangements can typically take up all the water in the vase during the first 2 days. Therefore filling the vase with flower food solution is the key to make sure the flowers remain fresh. Bacteria can easily build up as stems are kept in the water. This is why it is recommended to use flower food rather than plain water. It’s best to replenish the solution every 5 to 7 days completely, thereby reducing the chances of bacterial growth and keeping the flowers fresh as a result.

2. Keep Away Flowers From Bright Light and Heat:

Most people are under the impression that keeping a vase of flowers under sunlight will help them thrive. That is not the case when it comes to fresh cut flowers. Exposing flowers to heat and light can make flowers age faster, thus leading to decay. Therefore, keep your fresh cut flowers in a cool spot, out of direct sunlight, if you want to make them last longer.

3. Trim Half Inch of the Stem Every time you Change the Water:

Stems dry out easily when flowers are taken out of water, thus reducing the ability of the flowers to absorb enough water. Florist in Charlottesville VA suggests cutting at least half inch of the stem before placing it in the flower food solution. That will help to keep your flowers fresh. This is because, cutting the stems will expose fresh tissues that facilitate absorption of water by the flowers.

4. Feed The Flowers with Flower Food

Flower foods not only protect flowers from damage, but also keep the water fresh by discouraging bacterial growth. Nutrients in the solution help the flowers open fully and mature.

5. Make Sure the Scissors are Sharp

Using dull scissors for cutting can result in the damage of the cells and tissues at the end of the stem. Only healthy cells can effectively absorb water to keep the flowers fresh. Hence, make sure that you use sharp scissors for a perfect cut.

Follow these simple tips the next time you purchase a bouquet.  Try it out and let us know how it goes. Get in touch with a professional Charlottesville florist for more tips and advice in this regard.