Importance of Food Presentation in Restaurants

Do you know food presentation is just as crucial to the success of a dish as its flavor and taste? Yes, the visual appeal of food matters a lot to your customers, and it can make or break a restaurant. If done right, it has the power to turn a party into a great success.

Food presentation and plating is the art of modifying, processing, arranging and decorating to enhance its appeal. People love when the food is decorated and served in stylish tableware. It showcases the standard of your restaurant. Actually, people judge the hygienic standards, quality, and taste of a dish without actually tasting but based on the way the food is presented to them.

A recent survey has revealed that most people found the well-garnished dish to be tastier and they are willing to pay more for neatly presented food. In the world of culinary the appearance of the food greatly impacts customer choices and it is the crucial factor that will attract your guests to choose a meal.

Food presentation tips:

Decorating food is not just an art; it gives a soul to the food you cook. Here are a few factors that you need to keep in mind during the plating of the dish.

Combine durability and innovation:

Do you want your plates and glassware that are older than your chef? Whilst we are not advocating a disposable approach to tableware but there is a happy medium between making your investment work hard and maintain a fresh looking presentation, especially for the restaurant with lots of regular diners.

Make sure the tableware you choose matches the style of your restaurant and the content of your food. Go with branded hospitality supplies that are durable and stylish like Chef Inox Australia for kitchenware, Ivo for Cutlery, Stolzle Australia for glassware, and Jab Melamine for melamine dishes.

Adapt your presentation to the audience:

You would not want to serve food on chinaware at a children’s party, nor would serve food on paper plates. So, know your style and then serve your food on stylish crockery like tablekraft Australia that suits well.

Timing is everything:

Do not spend much time on plating up a dish it may turn cold. Do not make your diners to wait for a long period. Spend little time plating it up.

Balance variety and contrast:

Make sure you have a variety of textures. But make sure those varieties of textures blend well with the plate that you serve.

Size of the plate:

Size of the plate plays a crucial role in presenting your food. You do not want your food to get lost on a plate that is too large. A smaller plate will make the food look large and take away from the overall presentation. Make sure, food that is cold should never be served on a hot plate and vice versa.