Advantages of Using Granite Slabs in Your Kitchen

Granite slabs are definitely back in vogue. Granite with its rustic beauty, durability and heat resistance makes granite benchtops the preferred choice in any kitchen. Of course, you may ask why this is the case. The simple answer lies not just in the aesthetic value of granite slabs, which are particularly eye-catching. Granite slabs are practical for making food, chopping, rolling dough and so on. The beauty of these granite slabs will make spending time in your kitchen an absolute joy.

What exactly is Granite you may ask? Granite is an incredibly strong, versatile igneous rock that is cut into blocks and slabs to be used in some of the world’s most beautiful architectural surfaces. The granite slab is available in a number of finishes, such as the glossy polished finish, a matte low sheen finish and a number of textured finishes.

Avant Stone a leading supplier of granite slabs in Sydney is well stocked to meet local demand as the popularity of granite benchtops grows significantly. Stocked with a wide variety of colours to choose from, the granite slabs are an affordable, natural alternative to reconstituted stone without any of the harm to the environment that is common with manufactured products.

There are many good reasons to choose granite slabs as your preferred architectural material. Granite slabs are durable and attractive, a fact that has been established over the millennia of architectural use starting from the time of pyramids. Granite slabs are easy to clean, so your favourite place in the family home – the kitchen is hygienic for the whole family to enjoy. Granite slabs come in a wide variety of shades, patterns and textured finishes to suit any homeowners’ personal preferences and over the long run add enormous value to your property should the homeowner choose to sell one day.

No two slabs will look alike since this is a natural, hard, earthy material. This factor ensures the originality and novelty of granite and marble slabs. Having been used in ancient times to decorate temples and official structures, these beautiful granite slabs have withstood the test of time. These materials have not only been fashionable throughout the centuries, their use in illustrious spaces has made their value even more appealing. Their beauty lends itself to interior décor in several home spaces where the colour and feel of these marble and granite slabs enhances the atmosphere of any living area.

Although granite slabs are sometimes a little more expensive than other kitchen benchtop choices, they are worth every inch of their value. Visit Avant Stone, the leading Sydney granite supplier to find out for yourself, get good advice and explore a world of beautiful granite benchtop for your home today.  Avant Stone is also a leading Sydney Marble supplier, stocking a range of marble slabs to suit any budget.