A Detailed Checklist for Transporting Your Car to Your New Home!

Taking a road trip across the country may sound a great idea, but it is actually not while you are shifting. Considering the factor of driving time, the expenses, and the wear and tear on your vehicle will give you the answer for why it is not a better idea! Whether you are shifting your car to a new home or purchasing a vehicle from a faraway place and bringing it to your home, having to transport it across the country driving yourself could take a longer time and cost more than what you expected. Shipping your car with the help of interstate car transport where the professionals will bring your car without adding any miles to the odometer is a great option!

Once you have decided to hire an interstate car transport company, now it’s time to start checking the to-do’s associated with shipping your vehicle. Knowing exactly what to do from start to end will make the entire shifting process smoother and easier.

1. Search for Shipping Companies!

Find out the best door to door car transport that has proven itself trustworthy in your area and your predetermined area that fits into your budget. Ask recommendations from friends and relatives or read reviews to choose the best one for you.

2. Gets Quotes from Different Shippers!

Most of the reliable door to door car transport across the country will be very happy to give you a quote or a free estimate and answer any of your queries with the process of shipping of your car. Some of the companies will ask you for the dates and your starting and end point of reach and then provide you quote, while some drafts use ballpark dates.

3. Check in with Your Insurance Company!

Most of the car transport Sydney to Brisbane operates with a plenty of coverage which will not necessarily require you the need for additional insurance for transporting your car across the country. However, in case you want supplemental insurance, talk to your insurance company once you know your shipping date. Also, moving across the country will require updating your policies. So, checking with your insurance company once before you move is a great option.

4. Secure Tyres!

Although your car’s tyres are fully inflated for driving it once they reach your new location, double check it. If there are any faults, mention it to the car transport company for they will have a note on it.

It is also better for you to correct any issues and then transport so that you need not walk around the new place for fixing the tires.

5. Wash Your Car!

Give your car’s exterior a good clean up before you ship. There are many good reasons for cleaning, but the most important one is that it is easier to identify any scratches or other imperfections when you look at a spotless vehicle.

6. Remove all Your Personal Items!

Most people have the habit of leaving their valuables like mobiles and iPods in their vehicles. But when you hand over your car for transporting, you should not leave any such things inside. Remove everything from spare change to automatic parking passes and emergency kits.

Also, make sure to disable or remove any alarms. And that’s it! Now when your car is handed over to professionals, you will have one less thing to worry about!