What Makes Synthetic Grass and How is it Made?

Ever wondered how synthetic grass suppliers Sydney come up with artificial grass for installation in your lawn? Four things: a combination of plastic pellets that are white for the base material, green pellets that clasp the colours, stabilisers against U.V. and additives.

The melting of the plastic is done through an equipment which then extrudes it via a perforated plate of steel. Strands come out of the steel plate emptying into a trough with cold water that makes them solid. The process continues by the strands being pulled through a big pulley that keeps them separate until the next stage.

Stretching and Tufting


For these strands to look like the real grass they go through stretching by rollers to become thin. As this happens the spools keep the artificial grass strands temporarily until they are full. Then these strands are taken and woven together to make several synthetic yarns. Winding around of the yarns by a giant spool happens even as they are channelled through guides to avoid slackening.

Before the synthetic grass installers Sydney gets the end product, the synthetic yarn has to travel to the tufting machine – which resembles a sewing machine that is huge and has more than 200 needles that hook the yarn via the sheeting. As this happens, there are small knives that are present to cut the ends of the yarn to make them like grass blades.

A backing coating roller then swings into action to apply the adhesive to the backing turf. Then the turf goes through a drying process both in the open and enclosed environments. Hot pins are then employed to create holes into the turf for the sake of drainage.

Afterward, the item goes through various checkpoints and thorough inspection is done including the fibre length and durability. With these tests, they are categorised and get unique synthetic grass Sydney prices.

What Materials Make Up Synthetic Grass


The grass installed by synthetic grass suppliers in Sydney to beautify your lawns have gone through years of development and research to become what they are today.

The green blades of the synthetic grass comprise of polyethylene material — which is the same material that makes plastic bags and bottles. I come as a solid pellet and it is melted under heat together with colour tones of any kind and additives that make it UV resistant.

As you might know, the synthetic grass Sydney price is not on the blades alone. The synthetic grass also includes a thatch layer that is made of polypropylene, nylon material or polyethylene.

The grass blades are knit to the backing in rows by use of a tufting machine. This is basically a big machine with needles in hundreds. Because of this machine, the thatch and grass blades are held securely to make them durable and long-lasting. They can serve years after the synthetic grass installers Sydney has done their work.

This is exactly how synthetic grass is made to make our lawns beautiful.