The Problem With Cheap Hotels

Cheap hotels might seem like the answer to your accommodation problems, but beware before you look to the cheapest headline rate next time you book a vacation. Whilst many of us travel on a budget, it’s more important to think about what you’re paying for and what you’re likely to receive if you want to make for a memorable holiday.

For the most part, flights are generic. Of course there’s the issue of comfort and space, but that only really matters for long haul. For shorter flights it’s just a case of booking the cheapest and going with that. Same for hotels, right? Not at all. Hotel suites are a whole different ball game, and booking with the cheapest will vary rarely have a positive impact on your vacation overall.

The first major problem with cheap hotels is that your accommodation will be basic. In fact, some hotels are so basic as to have shared bathroom and showering facilities rather than en-suite, which can really ruin your trip if you like your privacy. Additionally, cheaper hotels tend also to skimp on other elements of the hotel package, and you may find your room has been inadequately cleaned and is in need of a refurbishment. Cheap hotels are for cheap people – it really is as simple as that, and expecting too much of a budget residence could spoil your trip.

Another problem with cheaper hotels is that you will often find a lack of service and poor mealtime facilities. It is commonplace to be required to pay extra for certain meals, including breakfast, at a number of hotels in all price brackets. However, generally speaking cheaper hotels have lower quality food and meal service, forcing you to incur the costs of eating out more frequently if you have a desire for good quality.

What you will find, more often that not, is that cheaper hotels are most distant to where you want to be. There is a premium to pay for convenience, and you might find that booking into a really cheap hotel will leave you several miles away from where you need to be – particularly problematic if you’re going on a short city break or travelling for some business purpose.

Cheap hotels seem like a great idea until you consider the drawbacks. When it comes to hotel suites you’ve really got to pay above a certain threshold to be guaranteed a decent night’s accommodation in a good location, with good service as standard.