Quality Inn: Pros and Cons


  • Cheaper room rate than most other hotels – Quality Inn is designed for the casual traveller and provides basic accommodation at basic prices
  • Good availability – large hotels make it easy to find a room
  • Good geographic spread – wherever you roam you’ll find a Quality Inn, or a rival hotel group’s residence not too far from you
  • Familiarity – when travelling in a strange place, it’s nice to have the familiar surroundings of a no-frills, solid accommodation provider that you’ve used time and again to make you feel safe and secure
  • Quick, standardised booking procedures – to allow you quick access to your accommodation after you’ve arrived


  • Quality Inn’s often get accused of having no character as a result of their standard appearance.
  • Often ‘out of the way’ from more expensive, City centre accommodation which can leave you needing taxi services and bus trips – inconvenient and costly.
  • Very impersonal service – these hotels operate purely on a numbers game and sell on the price proposition rather than great service, which leaves gaps in meal service.
  • Basic accommodation – you won’t find too many world-class suites here: it’s all plain and simple accommodation for those on a budget.