How To Find Quality Hotels: A Checklist


Finding quality hotels isn’t easy unless you know what you’re looking for. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of things you need to know about a particular hotel before you decide to check in, making sure you’re going to end up with a good night’s rest wherever you are.

1. Location, Location, Location – the most crucial factor in a hotel suite for vacation purposes. Being in the centre of things is crucial, so make sure you check up on a local map where your hotel is situated in comparison to where you’re likely to spend most of your trip – be that by the beach, the City sights, or a local conference centre.

2. Nightly Room Rate – are you paying for the best or the worst room? Knowing how a particular suite is charged in comparison with other rooms in the hotel is crucial to identifying whether you’re getting the best deal.

3. Room Rate Comparison – are you paying local market rate? How does your suite compare in price to the one at the hotel round the corner?

4. Online Recommendations – can you find online recommendations or discussions about that particular hotel? Have people in travel forums mentioned that hotel as one to visit, or do you know about that specific area from your research? A little legwork goes a long way prior to booking.

5. Hotel Service Reputation – does that particular hotel have a good reputation for service? Is it part of a large hotel chain, or is it a smaller independently owned business?

By taking the time to research the best hotels where you want to go, you can find a quality hotel in almost any location in the world. Despite cultural and language differences, this general checklist will serve you well wherever you roam, helping you find a good place to lay your hat.